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Too rusted? Too many times in the ditch? Ready to upgrade to a newer 4×4, and your off-roader isn’t worth the cost of repairs? Give Prime Auto Dismantler a call. Automatic transmission or standard transmission, we will buy your truck or 4WD. We pay up to $9999 cash on any vehicle. Get a cash offer today by calling us at the number below.

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Truck Wreckers Sydney

Truck wreckers need experience and knowledge, as well as the tools and equipment to wreck a truck. They also need the knowledge in trucks, SUVS and 4x4s to make an accurate cash offer on the vehicle. When your truck is ready for the wrecker, it is ready to be salvaged and recycled for its parts and metal. Prime Auto Dismantler has the knowledge and experience to make you an accurate cash offer and to wreck your truck so that you do get the most value from the vehicle.

At Prime Auto Dismantler, there is no real such thing as a disposal. Our vehicle disposals are turned into a truck recycle that is eco-friendly. We don’t throw the contaminates of the vehicle into a landfill. We drain the fluids, liquids, and fuels and then go to work dismantling the vehicle for salvage and recycle. Our green standards save our customers the worry of contaminating the environment, and get the highest value out of their vehicle.

Q. How Do I Get Cash for Cars?
A. You simply give us a call and request a cash for trucks offer. We will need the details of your vehicle.

Q. How Do I Get My Vehicle Removed?
A. At the time of your cash for truck quote, you can arrange for a free truck removal in any suburb in Sydney.

Q. When Will I Get the Cash for My Truck?
A. Prime Auto Dismantler will pay you cash for your truck at the time we remove your vehicle.

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To get the best in truck recycling, call the expert truck wreckers, call Prime Auto Dismantler. We make getting rid of your wrecked truck or 4WD convenient; and, we’ll pay you top cash. We pay up to $9999 cash on all trucks and 4WDs we remove.

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