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Don’t give up on your road warrior just because the tyres are flat, the frame’s bent or the engine is blown. Before you get out the gun, or push it into the river, give Prime Auto Dismantlers Sydney a call. We are 4WD/4×4 dismantling experts that pay cash for 4x4s of every condition. We pay up to $9999 fast cash that is paid at the time of the removal.

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We are the professionals in Sydney that loves buying 4WDs of any condition.

4WD Dismantling Sydney 4×4 (Four Wheel Drive)

4×4 wreckers should be licensed and insured, and operate wrecking yards that are equipped to dismantle vehicles in a manner that they don’t end up in a landfill. Prime Auto Dismantler is that truck wrecker. We operate wrecking yards run by expert truck wreckers that have the experience and skill to wreck vehicles so that they can salvage any parts under the hood. What’s left is the vehicle’s metal shell that is then crushed into new steel. Our truck dismantling and 4WD dismantling is first class, allowing us to recycle vehicles to green standards, elimintating the need for landfills. What was once junk parts and steel become salvaged and reconditioned, and used for new products, reuse and resell.

4WD Removals Sydney

What’s getting good cash on your wrecked or scrap 4×4 without getting a free 4×4 removal? Prime Auto Dismantler offers free 4×4 removals on all vehicles we buy. Our 4×4 removals are fast and always convenient as we let our customers choose when they’d like to have their vehicle removed. Our truck and 4×4 removal specialists remove vehicles 24 hours a day, offering vehicle removals during business hours, after hours, on weekends and holidays.

Getting your car removed and sold is easy at Prime Auto Dismantler. And, you will get a good price. Call us today.

4×4 WD Wreckers All Makes & Models Sydney Wide

If you are looking for a four wheel drive wrecker then prime auto dismantlers & recyclers are the pioneer in car removal service around Sydney. We wreck all types cars and we don’t car what make or model. Yes we sell parts and the parts are sold upon availability. We wreck all brands Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Holden, Isuzu, Ford, Subaru, Hyundai, Benz, BMW, Mazda, Mahindra, Audi, VW, Skoda etc.

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To schedule a 4×4 removal give Prime Auto Dismantler a call. We’ll not only schedule a free 4WD removal, we’ll make you a cash for 4×4 offer on your 4wd of any make, model, age and condition. We are the expert wreckers in Sydney that pay good cash on all vehicle removals.

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