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Prime Auto Dismantler & Car recyclers Sydney is the auto recycler you are looking for. We pay cold hard cash for scrap, accident and junk vehicles. Whether a car that is completely totaled or a truck or 4WD that is just not worth the cost to repair, we will buy your unwanted vehicle. We buy cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, 4WDs, utes and motorcycles that there is no other place for but the wrecking yard. We are experts that know how to dismantle vehicles to get the most cash and pass it onto our customers.

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Prime Auto Dismantler is a fully licensed, bonded and insured car buyer and auto wrecker that pays cash for scrap cars.

We Offer Eco-friendly Car Recycling Sydney Wide

Our auto recycling starts with a free scrap car removal that isn’t inconvenient. You simply arrange for a free car removal from any location in Sydney, and we’ll be there to remove your vehicle and tow it back to our wrecking yard. We as Auto Recyclers Sydney, are expert car and truck wreckers as well as 4WD dismantlers then go to work taking the vehicle apart to salvage and recycle. Our system is one that is considered eco-friendly and one that allows us to do the most for our customers and the environment, offering the most cash and avoiding the landfills.

We are:

  • Car Dismantler Sydney
  • Auto Recyclers Sydney
  • Car Wreckers Sydney
  • Truck Wreckers Sydney
  • 4WD Dismantling Sydney