Top 3 Signs That It’s Time to Scrap Your Car in Sydney

July 16th, 2019

It’s common to own a car long past its due-date, even when it is basically a rust-bucket on wheels.

Some people have a sentimental attachment to their vehicle and don’t want to let go, and others would rather not go through the hassles or costs of getting a new car.

However, thanks to exceptional Sydney Car Dismantlers like Prime Auto Dismantler, you can sell your car this very day for an ‘Instant Cash for Cars’ payment up to $9,999 with a Free Car Removal.

Below, we have put together 3 Signs to Tell It’s Time to Scrap Your Car in Sydney

1. The Cost of Repairing Your Damaged Vehicle Isn’t Worth It

If your car is damaged and the costs of repair are considerable, your best bet may be to sell it to a Scrap Car Removals business like Prime Auto Dismantler. This is especially the case if your vehicle is old or, due to its model or age, doesn’t have the market value worth paying for significant repairs.

You can ask yourself: am I willing to spend this much on repairs, or should I just put this money towards a new car instead?

Luckily for you, you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding a Car Buyer for your damaged vehicle because Prime Auto Dismantler will guarantee a fair sale for it in order to recycle its parts.

2. Your Car Is Written Off

If your car is written off, wrecked, scrap or no-longer roadworthy – It will be hard to find a traditional car buyer for it. Car Buyers will either want to own a vehicle or buy it to resell it at a higher price, and so a wrecked car will have little to no value to them.

However, Prime Auto Dismantler will happily purchase your wrecked car because unlike most car buyers, we purchase vehicles for their metals and other car parts.
What’s better is that you don’t have to worry about transporting or paying to tow your Junk Car, because Prime Auto Dismantler Sydney provides Free Car Removals for every vehicle we purchase.

3. Your Car Is Old

It is inevitable that your car will eventually become old and lose more and more valuable as time goes on. Not to mention that the older your car gets, the more prone it is to issues, damage or unexpected breakdowns.

If your old car is privy to engine issues or something similar, don’t fret – Prime Auto Dismantler Sydney will take it off your hands while paying up to $9,999.

They can offer a ‘same day’ service and provide a Free Old Car Removal from the comfort of your home.

Prime Auto Dismantler Sydney is Sydney’s trusted Car Recycling Professionals. Contact us today at 0434 450 140 or get a quote online.