Maximize Profits When Selling A Car

February 14th, 2017

At some point in time, you might find yourself having a car that isn’t much use to you anymore. Many times these cars just take up space in your porch or parking garage, wasting away. Whenever you find this happening to you, know it is time to sell your old car. Now selling a car might sound easy, you put up an ad somewhere, you get a couple of offers and you pick one you like the best.

Well, here are just a couple of tips to help you maximize profits while selling a car.

Condition of the Car

First, find out what parts of your car are in a running condition. This can help you assess the mechanical condition of your car. Once you are familiar with the mechanical condition of your car, start paying attention to its overall condition. This includes body, interior, tyres, paint, etc. When done with both of these steps, you can estimate the overall condition of your car so you can judge how much money will you get for it.

Choose professional companies over individuals

Secondly, you might want to call a few Cash for Cars, Car Removal, or Car Dismantling companies. These companies typically buy used or old vehicles from the owners at varying prices. You can call a couple of companies offering these services and get a quick quote on your vehicle after you’ve told them the model, make, year and the condition of your vehicle.

With a number of quotes on your vehicle, you can better judge the price you are getting for your vehicle. BUT BE ALARMED! Many companies will make surprisingly attractive quotes but might pay you less in the end. So go for the company that has a reputable name in the industry, like Prime Auto Dismantlers.

Clean up

Thirdly, clean up your vehicle as much as possible. We’re not asking you to spend extra cash on repairs or a new paint job, but clean the interior and get a wash if needed. A neat and clean vehicle will attract customers and you might even get better offers for it!

This step, however, is not required if you are selling your car to professional Cash for Car companies because they have the expert eye to look beyond the paint job!

Lastly, whether you decide to sell the car to an individual or a Car Removal or Cash for Car Company, don’t hesitate to negotiate. If you think that the worth of your car is more than the purchasing party is offering, ask them to increase their offer. Naturally, first offers from dealers, individuals or companies might be less than what they are actually willing to pay. A light debate might work out a deal that makes you some extra cash.

Also, don’t forget to ask for free services that include an obligation-free quote and Free Towing.