How to Sell Scrap Cars in Sydney

June 5th, 2018

Most car owners are aware of the metals that can be recycled from their cars. The body of the car is made mostly of steel, and parts under the hood are also made of many different types of metals. With a company like Prime Auto Dismantler, you can have your car recycled for top cash.

Getting Your Car Recycled in Sydney

The process of calling Prime Auto Dismantler with the details of your car for a quote may sound a bit too easy then to call, get a quote and have the car removed. There must be something more, right? No. There is nothing more in the process of getting your car sold and recycled. We are not a company that charges for our car recycling services, nor do we charge a towing fee to come to remove your car. All our services are provided for FREE, and all are provided at times convenient for our customers. We are a recycler that gets top cash from cars as we are professional recyclers that know our business. Dismantling & recycling cars. When we collect your scrap car, you can be assured there will be little left of the car when we are done, which is why we offer top cash for cars.

Selling Your Car to Prime Auto Dismantlers

Selling your car to Prime Auto Dismantlers ensure that you will receive a fair Cash payment for the Scrap Car. We are Auto Dismantlers that recycle Cars for Cash Sydney. Our company also has designed a way to get cash for your car without much inconvenience. If you can schedule about an hour of your time to have us come to buy & remove your car, that is all it takes. We provide upfront quotes over the phone and online, so you don’t have to set a time for the car to be appraised. Simply call us for a quote, and if you’d like to put the cash for your car into your hand the same day, let us know, and we’ll schedule a removal. If you’d like to think our offer over, that is also fine.

Get A Quote

To obtain a Cash Quote for your Unwanted Car or truck in Sydney, give Prime Auto Dismantler a call at the number below. Online quotes can be obtained by visiting our homepage to complete our online quote form. CALL 0434 450 140