How Can I Get A Free Car Removal and Top Cash For Cars in Sydney?

November 18th, 2019

You’ve heard of Cash for Cars businesses and how they can be a fast and convenient alternative to the usual grind of selling your car to traditional Car Buyers. But how exactly do you get the best Cash for Cars deal and reliable free Car Removal service in Sydney?

Look no further than Prime Auto Dismantler. We’re Sydney’s trusted Scrap Car Removal company, putting smiles on Sydney locals far and wide thanks to our dependable and customer-centric Car Removal service that gets you the head-turning price for your car that you’re hoping for.

Step 1: Give Us a Call for an ‘Instant Cash for Cars Quotes’

The first step is to give us a call. For your convenience, we can provide you with an accurate and honest quote over the phone or online without needing to look at your car first. We’ll simply ask you a few questions about your car and give you a free, no-obligation quote in no time. After accepting our quote, you can then book your Free Sydney Car Removal with us at the best date and time.

Some details we might ask for include:

  • Your car’s condition
  • Your car’s make & model
  • Your car’s odometer reading
  • Your car’s age (year of manufacture)
  • Your car’s weight
  • Your car’s service history
  • Your car’s registration number
  • Your car’s size

Step 2: Prepare Your Documents

One of the advantages of choosing us is that we’ll prepare all the necessary paperwork (after all, who wants to go through mountains of paperwork?). All you need to bring is your proof of identity and ownership and remove your registration plates to complete the process.

Step 3: Get Paid ‘Instant Cash for Cars’

Our team will then arrive at your vehicle’s location on the date and time you book (we’re available in the hour or whenever you need us). You’ll be paid ‘Instant Cash for Cars’ on the spot without a variance from the quote we gave you.

Step 4: Receive Your Free Car Removal

Within minutes, our team of licensed and experienced Car Removal Experts will have your vehicle towed from its location and you’ll be left with your Instant Cash for Cars sum to do with however you please. We use advanced tow trucks and the industry’s finest team, so you can take comfort in knowing that everything will be completed without a hitch in about 30 minutes or less.

Contact Prime Auto Dismantler today at 0434 450 140 or online