Why Sell Your Scrap Car to An Auto Dismantler? 

March 4th, 2016
You may think you’ll only get pennies for your scrap vehicle when selling it to an auto dismantler. However, obtaining quotes from different dismantlers may surprise you.  Today, scrap vehicles are worth anywhere from $50 to a few thousand dollars.  But, why opt to sell the vehicle to one of these services versus taking the vehicle to a wrecking yard or recycling centre yourself?  Convenience and cash.  Car removal companies that are auto dismantlers offer vehicle owners the most stress-free, and fair cash way to sell their unwanted vehicle.

Car Dismantlers Sydney

Many car dismantlers in Sydney like Prime Auto Dismantlers offer vehicle owners the prime way to get rid of their vehicle.  Their services are more advanced than days gone past, and for those that have a vehicle that is broken down and not worth the cost of repairs, or a scrap, accident or junk vehicle, they are the ones to contact.  Car Dismantlers Sydney are car wreckers that buy vehicles of all makes and models of any age and condition to wreck and recycle.  Their service is one that should not be overlooked as millions of vehicles come to the end of their lifespans yearly and should not end up in an open plot or landfill.  The reason for this is because junk vehicles are quite hazardous to the environment as they contaminate the environment with toxins and pollutants.  When vehicle owners have their vehicle disposed of through an Auto wrecker Sydney, vehicle owners can do their share to help protect the environment. The system is one that benefits the auto owner with a quick and convenient sale that pays cash, and the peace of mind that their vehicle will be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

The Convenience of Auto Wreckers in Sydney

The convenience of auto wreckers in Sydney is undeniable.  Their services are designed to offer auto owners an opportunity to sell their vehicle no matter what its make and condition for cash.  It is a service that many scrap, accident and junk vehicle owners have turned to, and one that allows sellers of any condition vehicle to get their vehicle sold within a few hours.
So, just how do these services work?  They won’t contact you; you must contact them.
When you have an old, scrap, junk or accident car you’d like to sell, contacting an auto dismantler that accepts and buys any make and model of any age and condition mean you have your vehicle sold. Most allow sellers to contact them to obtain a cash quote through their website or company telephone line.  Some will request that they see your vehicle inspect it prior to providing a cash quote.
The service providers will require a thorough description of your vehicle if they are not first inspecting it. With the make, model and year of the vehicle they can determine the weight and size of the vehicle and the metals under the hood, etc.  With a complete description of the condition of the vehicle, they can determine the process and work in recycling it.  This allows the companies to be quite accurate in their cash offers.

What to Look for in an Auto Wrecker Sydney

Firstly, you want to compare service providers.  To do so, you want to research local auto dismantlers in your local area that offer the services you require.  Look for things in a company that shows they are reputable like:
•    Being licenced and insured
•    Lists their physical address
•    Provides the services that make it convenient
•    Offers eco-friendly disposals (this is essential as vehicles create a negative impact on the environment)
•    Makes instant cash payments on the spot
•    Offers to remove the vehicle at no cost (most local providers offer free scrap car removals)
Once you find a few providers that interest you, then research the companies prior to obtaining quotes. You can do this by running a search on the Internet on their business name to see what other satisfied or unsatisfied customers have to say about the company.  This will give you a better idea of the company.  Once your research has been done, then obtain quotes from the different providers.
Aside from cash payments made at the time of your car collection, you’ll also want to find a car dismantler that offers convenient car removals.  A majority of these businesses work around their customers’ hours, offering scrap car removals after hours, on weekends and even on holidays.
Selling your scrap car to an Auto Dismantler in Sydney offers vehicle owners the opportunity to do their share in keeping the environment green, and pays cash.  Scrap vehicle owners can expect anywhere from $50 to a few thousand dollars on their scrap, junk or accident vehicle.