April 19th, 2016

When buying a car, nobody thinks about what they will do with the car when it becomes old. This is maybe due to the excitement of buying a new car or just the shear ignorance of it something that will not happen anytime soon. Nonetheless, you should always know that time goes by fast and sooner rather than later you will have to contend with disposing the old car and buying a new car.

It is not only old age or high mileage that may prompt someone to dispose of the car. Sometimes bad things happen and your car may be involved in a serious accident that it is rendered unfit for use and unrepairable. This may come as a big blow but all hope is not lost. Though the insurance may write off your car, companies like Prime Auto Dismantlers will not. This is a Car Removal company that buys and recycles or wrecks all types of cars. Car removal companies such as Prime Auto Dismantlers do not have a preference or choose which kinds of cars to buy. The condition does not matter. Whether your car has remained to be a piece of junk or has serious mechanical problems; it should not be a worry. All that you need to do is to get in touch with the experts and they will serve you very well.
Sometimes you need not wait until the car is written off for you to dispose of it. Prime Auto Dismantlers also buys cars that are still in good useable condition. When your car clocks very high mileage, it may be time to dispose of it and move on to the next. This is so because at very high mileages the car will be bound to start experiencing persistent mechanical problems that may prove very costly when you embark on repairing. This will also be time-consuming and uneconomical. You will have to spend most of your time at your mechanic’s place rather than doing other important things. At high mileages the reliability of the car also decreases and thus you can no longer count on your car to help you run errands as it used to. The road side breakdowns would be on the increase and this may prove to be very inconvenient in the long run.

Another reason that may make you dispose of your car is the need to upgrade or acquire a better car. Nowadays technology is moving fast and there are better cars on production each single day. Thus, to stay in touch with technology and to have a better car, you may need to change your car once in a while.

Once you have put out your car for sale and it has taken a month and no one is interested; then, you should seek the services of companies such as Prime Auto Dismantlers. This car removal company will be able to pay up to $9999 for your used car. You should not allow business people who are out to make profits buy your car at a throwaway price. Always ensure that you get the best deal and the highest value for your car.

Why you should seek the services of a car removal company

It is common that when you think of selling of your old car, you would think of second-hand car dealers. However, car dealers are some of the craftiest business people and more often than not they will end up ripping you off. It is not worth selling your used car to car dealers. Car removal companies will serve you better and this is why:

First of all car removal companies like Prime Auto Dismantlers will pay instant cash. Once you get in touch with Prime Auto Dismantlers, they will ask you to describe your car after which they will offer a quote that will be fair to both parties. Once you have accepted the quote the company will pay cash when they come to tow or carry the car away. There are no delays or you wouldn’t have to go to the bank to get your cash. This process is fast and very efficient and thus this cash can help you during emergencies.
Car removal companies like Prime Auto Dismantlers pay considerably better than used car dealers. This is so because unlike car dealers who want to resell the vehicle and make money out of it, car removal companies have a variety of uses for the car. The good parts in the car will be pulled out and recycled whilst the rest will be wrecked and the metal recycled. This thus enables the car removal companies like Prime Auto Dismantlers to offer a better price than any second hand car dealer would.