Where To Buy Cheap Parts To Repair My Car?

May 17th, 2016

Fixing up your car doesn’t have to be expensive. Avoid the dealerships and brand new parts and you can repair your car relatively cheaply. Prime Auto Dismantlers buy used, old and damaged cars and take it apart and sell the perfectly working parts heavily discounted. Here are your options of where to buy cheap parts to repair your car.

Through Your Dealership or Garage

 If you purchase a part through your dealership or garage there is often a warranty associated with it. However, you will be paying top dollar for these parts. You’ll also be costing the environment as the manufacture of new parts isn’t an eco-friendly process. Even though you’ll be getting the right part and know that it is fully functioning it isn’t the most cost-effective solution.

 Via the Internet

 There’s not a lot you can’t buy on the internet these days and you might head online in search of cheap car parts. Using this method allows you to compare the prices of the exact part you need. However, you may have to wait to have it delivered. You also don’t know exactly what you’re getting. The part may be damaged or have other defects. If you have bought from a private seller there are no guarantees. Even though they are a lot cheaper than brand new you may end up spending more in the long run finding a working part.

 Contact Your Local Auto Wreckers

 Junk yards sell discounted fully working parts that have been salvaged from scrap cars. They have been re-conditioned so they are fit for re-sale. Auto wreckers keep a log of all the parts they have to hand. This makes it easy to lookup a part and they can be quickly and easily located. Wrecking yards have parts from all types of cars including a variety of makes and models. You can ring up your local yard and providing they have the part you can pick it up that day.

Purchasing brand new parts is costly particularly when you pick up the same part in excellent used condition. You can find cheap parts through the internet from private sellers or overseas. However, you can’t ascertain it will be as good as they claim it is. Your best bet is to get to your local scrap yard as they recondition parts and sell them at a discounted price. The team at Prime Auto Dismantlers collect cars of all types then take them apart for their useful parts and materials.