3-Steps for Automobile Dismantling in Sydney

November 24th, 2016

The vehicle manufacturing industry is among the largest modern industries. While immensely helpful to the environment, if proper care is not taken it can also generate a lot of waste eventually filling landfills and causing negative impacts to the environment. Automobile manufacturers are making great strides in creating cleaner, more environment-friendly vehicles, helping in cutting down on the waste generated.

However, for older and end-of-life vehicles, the auto recycling industry plays an important role in keeping unnecessary materials out of landfills by properly recycling materials from vehicles.
Basically, Auto Wreckers operate the whole procedure in three major steps that must be followed with care.
1. The first step is known as the pre-treatment step
In this, the car is prepared for disassembly. During this step, all the fluids are removed from the vehicle. These include fuel, coolant, antifreeze and oil. This step ensures that fluids from the vehicle do not leak out when the car is being wrecked at the yard and seep into the ground polluting soil and water. This fluid can be sold or used in another car. Gas tank, tyres and batteries are also removed from the vehicle to be recycled or resold.
2. The next step involves evaluation of the remaining parts of the car
Car wreckers decide the value of the remaining parts by seeing their condition. These can be sold or repaired afterwards. However, if the vehicle can be repaired, wreckers can sell it as a used car as well. Some of the parts that are sold from wreckers include the entire rear or front, transmissions, motors, bumpers or body panels, electronics, and wheels among many others.
3. The final and last stage of the wrecking process consists of contacting a crusher
Many vehicle recycling companies have their own crushers. But those who don’t need to contact a crusher. After removing the parts that have resell or recycle value, the wreckers look for a crusher to flatten frames of the car. A huge magnet is used to separate ferrous from non-ferrous materials. Metallic portions of the car may be sold while non-metallic parts are safely put to be recycled later on.
This process helps in mitigating the problem of filling landfills with parts that can be reused in other cars.
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